Encouragement House(EH) provides safe, secure and supervised dormitory accommodation for remote rural students, so they can attend high school.

EH teaches many aspects of life skills including better health, basic computing, organised sports, music and confidence building to prepare students from small rural villages to enter this fast-changing modern world. Many Timorese students from Encouragement House have continued to tertiary studies leading to exciting job opportunities.

Help give these children an opportunity for further education.

Whether you choose to involve your school, community group or business in fundraising or make a personal donation for the ongoing development of the Encouragement House, you can be a part of Encouragement House story.

It’s exciting to be a part of real action that changes children’s lives in a developing country like Timor-Leste. Your donation empowers a community to have choices about education and their children’s future.

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Different ways you can support Encouragement House

School of Encouragement Packages

Create a global partnership with Encouragement House through Destination Dreaming with an immersive program.

Businesses of Encouragement Packages

Raise funds or resources to support the students at Encouragement House.

Individuals of Encouragement Packages

Choose to be involved in a special project at Encouragement House and see specifically where your money is making a difference to education opportunities for these Timorese children.

Our Impact

Here are some of the milestones we’ve achieved over the past few years. Image what we can do with your help!


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Your support will give these children the opportunity for further education

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