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“I’ve learned that traveling to pretty places and sightseeing is a pretty meaningless experience. I would rather physically and emotionally get involved in the community. The important thing I learnt is about living in the authentic world.”
Max, 16 years old, Destination Dreaming 2017

“Being a part of this trip allowed me to experience Timor Leste and its culture in a respectful way. Encouragement House has had a great impact on me and how I engage with other cultures. The main thing I learned is that there are so many ways to build a relationship — the importance of kindness and empathy when building these relationships can make all the difference, not only on a small scale but globally too. Communication can occur in so many ways, language is only one of them. Learning this really changed me.”
Alyssa Topy, 17 years old, UN Youth Australia 2017

Your school has the opportunity to be involved with fundraising for the ongoing developments at Encouragement House. Through this engagement with the EH community, students learn about cultural engagement at a personal level. They experience how education shapes the future of children’s lives in Timor Leste and how their contributions can make a significant difference to the lives of others.

For schools offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma, involvement with fundraising for Encouragement House can be a part of the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) component of your program. Through the work being done in Maliana students can participate in fundraising but perhaps more importantly see the principles of encouragement which embraces global citizenship through shared decision making, recognition, acceptance and appreciation. Encouragement House demonstrates community progress through effort, focussing on expanding strengths and changing expected outcomes through strong community empowerment.

Here are some ideas that your school could be involved in for fundraising for Encouragement House.

Follow the EH community as they participate in activities that prepare them for a changing world.

School of Encouragement Packages
  • Include Timor in your school's curriculum.
  • Raise funds or resources to support the students at Encouragement House.
  • Create a global partnership with Encouragement House through Destination Dreaming with an immersive program

Get your Businesses Involved

Businesses Involved
Businesses Involved

How can our business become involved?

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Your help is vital to this ongoing education initiative. Each donation can make a significant difference in the development of education opportunities for children in the region.

Businesses who support Encouragement House can be confident that 100% of donations goes directly to the maintenance and development of the Timorese students who are accommodated there. All board members are volunteers and the allocation of funds is a collaborative process that empowers the team leaders in Timor Leste. This ensures that a dynamic and creative approach to community engagement prospers at Encouragement House.

It gives your employees a sense of their role in the world as active participants of social change.

Businesses of Encouragement Packages
  • Raise funds or resources to support the students at Encouragement House.
  • Contact Destination Dreaming to create a global partnership program.

Get your Self Involved

Self Involved
Self Involved

How can I become involved?

Contact Destination Dreaming

“This project has taught me the power of connecting with communities, and I have acquired the confidence to head back to my own community with an open heart, willingness and desire to connect with others.”
Queensland University of Technology student

Every donation, big or small, makes a difference. It only takes a small amount of money to make huge changes in the life of the children at Encouragement House. Your money will provide maintenance for the dormitories, development of kitchen facilities, upgrading computer facilities and ensure that there is caring and appropriate adult supervision for the EH students.

Choose to be involved in a special project at Encouragement House and see specifically where your money is making a difference to education opportunities for these Timorese children.

Individuals of Encouragement Packages

You can be assured that your donation to Encouragement House will provide necessary facilities to each child and member at Encouragement House. You could directly fund the implementing of necessary facilities at EH such as solar systems, clean water, computer programs or English lessons.

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